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QC·Ventures is excited to announce that TriLite, developers of the world’s smallest projection display, have successfully closed an €8mn funding round to advance their mission of bringing augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) eyewear to the mass consumer market.  

QC·Ventures previously participated in earlier funding rounds, and is pleased to follow on the initial investment alongside close investment partners such as deep tech experts Hermann Hauser Investments and APEX Ventures, as well as B&C Innovation InvestmentsTEC Ventures and others. 

In developing the world’s smallest, lightest and ultra-compact projection display, TriLite overcomes the issues of weight and bulkiness previously known to plague the AR/MR market.  

Hermann Hauser notes “TriLite’s tiny displays are set to be a game-changer for AR/MR glasses since they’ll be as lightweight as today’s eyewear, and this is sure to finally drive mass adoption of AR/MR in the consumer market.” 

With cutting edge technology, and a stellar team, QC·Ventures is thrilled to continue to back TriLite’s journey.  

About TriLite:  

TriLite Technologies is a leading image display solutions company based in Vienna, Austria, and San Francisco, California developing patented ultra-compact RGB laser beam scanners to be used in AR/VR/MR Head-Mounted-Devices, Head-Up-Displays, and other projections.  TriLite’s solutions are built on proprietary, multi-parameter algorithms and advanced machine learning algorithms which generate laser beam scanning devices with unprecedented size, weight and image quality.   TriLite’s Trixel® 3 is currently the world’s smallest and lightest projection display, with a total volume of just 0.92cm³.

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