QC·VENTURES is a Venture Capital investment platform of Q·ADVISERS that builds ad hoc investor syndicates around ideas and around a core team of experienced corporate finance professionals. We invest in companies that have potential for growth, disruption and ambition to scale internationally.




  • QC·VENTURES’ goal is to acquire a stake in business ventures that are led by outstanding entrepreneurs.
  • We invest in businesses that have potential for growth, disruption and ambition to scale internationally.
  • The investment ticket size ranges from EUR 200K to EUR 4mn.
  • We invest on standard international terms and have a standard representation via board seats and control rights.
  • Each investment is a SPV.
  • We invest up to EUR 40K “friendship tickets” into businesses we would like to learn about.


  • Through our experience and some of our most successful exits on the one side we have a broad expertise in financial services and technology. On the other side, a bid “exotic” background, in food and food related services, both B2B and B2C. But we are in general open to other industries, disruptive ideas and concepts around great entrepreneurs.
  • Companies we invest in should have a clear business and revenue model, well-defined customer value proposition, proof of concept and a clear target market.
  • We seek ambitious entrepreneurs who share our passion for growth, innovation and outstanding scalable business ideas. Strong strategic vision coupled with outstanding execution capabilities and proven management teams with the relevant expertise are likewise important.


  • QC·VENTURES invests for the long term and is committed to help founders in developing their businesses and building successful and valuable companies.
  • As an active investor we support the companies on an on-going basis with an advisory board and a network of outstanding people in different international business fields, and in key matters such as corporate finance, business and corporate development as well as partnerships.
  • Our experienced team has a proven track record from growth phase through expansion and up to M&A and IPO transaction.
  • Our extensive network includes entrepreneurs, industry experts and institutional partners.
  • We tend to invest alone, our own money, or alternatively on a “deal-by-deal” same term-basis together with long-standing investment partners who share similar intentions, values and long-term interests.