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WorkHeld (formerly Tablet Solutions) takes over digital assistant systems platform Evolaris, improving their ability to provide real-time virtual assistance through smartphones, tablets and new innovative smart glasses.

With digitalization completely transforming the industrial workforce, WorkHeld provides crucial support and remote virtual technical assistance for on the ground technicians and front-line workers within the industrial sector through a combination of tech-driven, AI powered software and innovative wearable hardware.

QC·Ventures, the VC arm of Q·Advisers, first invested into WorkHeld (then Tablet Solutions) in 2016 after identifying the vast potential for its application within the industrial sector and beyond. We are excited to announce that WorkHeld has secured a strategic merger with the Evolaris Platform, and will integrate its two products – EvoCall and EvoAssist – into the WorkHeld solution.

EvoCall provides video and phone support for service technicians with special features to guide technicians, while EvoAssist provides a user-friendly system for documentation and administration. The additional functionality and features brought to WorkHeld by Evolaris will further revolutionize industrial workforce management, enabling more efficient and transparent workplace management throughout the industrial sector.

As CEO Benjamin Schwärzler notes, ‘Successful companies need 2 things: digitally optimized processes and good communication. WorkHeld is now home for both. This turns our customers’ technicians & workers into superheroes, because they are supplied with the best possible information’. We are thrilled to see the WorkHeld solution grow, and look forward to its continued advancements.

About WorkHeld (Tablet Solutions):

WorkHeld (formerly Tablet Solutions) is an Austrian Start-Up developing workforce management solutions supporting end-to-end processes of industrial field work such as machinery assembly, maintenance and service routines.

About Evolaris:

Founded in 2000 as a research project, the company was taken over by KapschBusinessCom AG in 2019 and offers solutions for specialists with live-video assistant systems via data-glasses, tablets and smartphones.

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