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Pocketcoach – a digital app designed to help users better cope with anxiety- has been officially recognized as one of the first digital mental health prevention tool in Germany.

As early investors in Pocketcoach, we are thrilled at this significant achievement and advancement. With the global mental health crisis on the rise, this huge milestone comes as welcome news not just to Pocketcoach stakeholders, but many German residents who will now be able to access Pocketcoach free of charge. As a certified mental health prevention tool, more than 69 million Germans can claim re-imbursement from their insurance providers further increasing Pocketcoach’s core mission: to make mental health coaching easy and accessible.

So how does it work? Pocketcoach provides its users with daily exercises and courses that develop coping skills and strategies to better manage stress and anxiety. The application was developed in conjunction with qualified therapists, psychologists and an experienced scientific advisory board, and is currently helping over 100,000 people better manage their mental health.

About Pocketcoach:

Pocketcoach is a digital coach that helps people cope with anxiety and stress. The chatbot app provides a virtual mental health assistant that guides its users through short conversations and exercises to learn and practice anxiety management.  The company was founded in Vienna in 2019 by Manuel Kraus and Phillipp Omenitsch.

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