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Here you will find an annotated selection of interesting articles on the topics of Food Startups, Food Trends and Food Investments every month – in the new link list with views on Blockchain, Food & TV Shows, a FoodTech Map and Big Food’s Healthy Turn.

Why blockchain won’t fix food safety – yet
Good article on the benefits of Blockchain technology for FoodSafety. Blockchain is currently on everyone’s lips, even when it comes to FoodSafety, transparency and traceability. The article points more precisely to opportunities and risks of blockchain technology concerning food applications. Key message: “[Blockchain] is only as good as the person who’s entering the information.”

Crowdfooding’s global food tech map connects start-ups and corporates
Introducing an interactive map that maps FoodTech startups from around the world, making them more accessible to potential investors and other industry players. Created by Crowdfooding, based in London and San Francisco.

Pepsi Redesigns The Water Bottle
Many big food companies are trying to adapt their portfolio to changing consumer needs in the direction of healthier options. A current example comes from PepsiCo. To meet the demand for sugar and soda-reduced beverages, Pepsi developed a new product line consisting of a bottle and pods. The pods in 12 flavors (à la Mango Chia Flow) give still water flavor and enrich it with vitamins.

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