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Elisabeth Petermann

Summer slump? Not at all – at the VC-food-pit there has been much action in the summer months: high investments, new unicorns (Toast from the USA, Swiggy from India), M&As (AmRest on Shopping trip, Shop Apotheke acquires Nu3, Hawesko acquires Wein&Co), insolvencies (Nixe Bier, Chef’d, Upgreatlife), new Food/Grocery/AgTech fund of EUR 50 mn – 350 mn (Demeter, Albertsons, Alliance Consumer Growth). In the investment focus are currently: delivery (consolidation), plant based food and alternative proteins, urban farming, gastro-software and highly specialised F&B brands.

VC-analyses show that there is still an increased investment interest in food & beverage, foodTech & Co. Since 2013, according to CBInsights, food start-ups have raised USD 9,5 bn in over 2,100 deals.

The topics plant based, transparency and healthiness dominate the food trends, as Hanni Rützler elaborates in her Food Report 2019. In this report she also shows industry trends such as Nouvelle Canteen – from company catering to a pleasure template of food.

The Startup-Monitor features finalists from two start-ups challenges: Smart Kitchen Summit and IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge with start-ups such as C-fu Foods (insects), Rise Products (upcycling of food waste), or Pantri (Automated Grocery Replenishment).

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