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Elisabeth Petermann

Last weeks’ food news showed: investing in Online Food/Delivery is still popular – internationally (i.a. Good Eggs, SnackNation), as well as nationally (i.a. Flaschenpost, MyCouchbox). Another noteworthy investment observation is, that companies invest in (or buy) insolvent startups, if there is a strategic fit (i.a. Kukimi and HR Group). With the acquisition of Pret-A-Manger by the German billionaire-family Reimann, the sandwich chain now also expands to Germany. We are curious about the Germans’ reactions towards this fast food concept.

The following trend themes are visible in the German gastronomic startup ecosphere: authenticity, innovation, sustainability, being social and economic feasibility. In the USA trends as: embracing technology, customer experience & individualisation, upgrading delivery, and healthy/clean/fresh are determining the fast-casual landscape.

Our Special is dealing with the topic robotics, automation & food, more precisely with the applications, difficult issues and investments around food service robots. The Startup-Monitor reflects the further differentiation of food and beverages. This time, a couple of food-apps stood out: from self-ordering apps (Yowato), marketing tools (Freachly), to digital meal vouchers (Lunchit) and health coaches (Snics).

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