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We are pleased to see an exit of our portfolio company Stresscoach (formerly called Pocketcoach). The Boston based Employee Assistance Provider KGA, Inc. has acquired Stressoach’s digital ed-tech solution and technology.

The Stresscoach app is a pioneer of psychological chatbots in German speaking countries. It helps users to combat anxiety and stress through high-quality and scientific-based coaching and will stay available for users even after the exit. Currently there are still two clinical studies ongoing, but the efficiency and effectivity of the technology has already been demonstrated. In Germany, Stresscoach reached a particularly major milestone. The app was certified as a stress management program by German health insurance funds in 2021 and, as a result, the costs for German users is fully reimbursable.

The acquirer KGA, Inc. provides psychological advice and therapy services for companies and their employees. Especially in America, Employee Assistance Programs are widely spread. Mr. Seth Moeller, CEO of KGA, Inc., is confident of a great fit between the Stresscoach platform and KGA, Inc. and is pleased with the product expansion of their digital service offering with Stresscoach’s technology.

We are glad that the Stresscoach app will continue to assist people with their mental health journey and a big congratulations to the great team and founders behind Stresscoach Manuel Kraus and Philipp Omenitsch.



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