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ATAI acquires stake in Perception Neuroscience


ATAI Life Sciences AG has acquired a majority stake in Perception Neuroscience, New York based biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies in neuropsychiatry.

The lead product of the company is a new generation drug that has a potential for rapid acting antidepressant (RAAD) activity and anti-suicidal effects. The current therapies often take weeks to become effective.

ATAI joined the board of the company as a strategic investor to leverage the synergies across the company’s existing portfolio to support Perception Neuroscience in accelerating the drug development process and maximizing chances for success. Read more in the company’s press release here (ATAI-Life-Sciences acquires majority stake in Perception Neuroscience).

ATAI is considering listing at a stock exchange early next year with a valuation of $800 million or more. The negotiations has already been started with banks for an intial public offering in Canada.

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